Fitness Plans

Weight Loss Basics for Beginners

If you are a beginner when it comes to weight loss training, there are some basic facts you should know. There are three types of training – weight, cardio and protein building. The first helps you to shape up your body. Cardio is meant mainly to keep your lungs and heart in good shape. Protein helps as building blocks for the muscles.

How to keep fit

The main point for keeping fit is to constantly add resistance when building your muscles. Such resistance can be achieved by regularly adding more weight.

To build muscle you have to keep repeating the workout. Unless you work out consistently, the results of your efforts will not be seen for a few weeks.

Weight training is all about reps and sets. Simply put, reps mean the number of times you repeat each action. Sets mean how many times you do each sequence. E.g. if you are squatting 10 times the whole sequence is called a set. The number of times you go up and down is known as reps.

sets and reps

Results from training

After you have been working out for some weeks you would probably find some of your clothes becoming loose. Your actual weight on the scales might not reflect any change in weight, though. This means that what you have lost is body fat and what you have gained is more muscle mass.

You could be carrying a lot of body fat making it difficult to see your abs. Do not think the problem is due to any muscle mass. Such fat can be removed by a proper diet which is meant to help you gain muscle and lose fat. The muscle starts forming during your workouts.

As you begin to lose weight, remember to adjust your calories as well, the less you weigh – the less calories your body needs to function… this is called BMR, or Basic Metabolic Rate.

When I did the 6 Week Body Challenge with they put me on calorie restiction diet of 20%, the program was awesome!

Points to keep in mind

As a beginner in fitness training you should start slow. Build up your workouts gradually so you will not find a sudden change difficult to cope with. If you take it slow as you go along you can make necessary changes without feeling the pressure.

You could start by going for weight loss sessions for two days in the week. Fix the same days and timings so it kind of grows on you like a habit. Then even if there are times when you do not feel up to working out and give the sessions a miss, because you have cultivated the same as a good habit you will want to restart your exercise routine.

Always remember to keep your posture erect. It is one way to know that you are performing the exercises properly. A good posture consists of chest out, shoulders back whether sitting or standing and your abs held tight.

On the meal front

When you are planning your diet just make a few modest changes at first. Start by eating one healthy meal in the day for one week. Food items such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits, fish, lean meat, seeds and nuts are considered ‘healthy’ when it comes to weight loss. Once your body has accepted this food routine you can up the figure to two such healthy meals daily. Soon it will become a habit and you will discover that your eating habits have changed for the better.