Fitness Plans


Fitness is not only about exercise, but about a better balanced lifestyle – your diet is as important as your daily reps!

Our lifestyle affects our health and exercise choices whether we think otherwise – our work schedules, family commitments, personal time (and the promises we make for a social evening out), travel plans… all these (and many more) can change from week to week, and often with little or no warning, so a simple solution is preparation and flexibility. Know what you would like to achieve on a personal level, know what would be an ideal number of exercise sessions, and know what would be a fair number fitness hours against all of your real life responsibilities!

Planning properly includes thinking about next week. It’s quite simple if you can keep it all down to manageable chunks. Knowing that you will have next Wednesday evening to yourself frees up maybe a jogging session, or knowing you have a late start 4 days out of 5 means you can go to an exercise class in the morning, for instance.

Just how much time is available to you over the next seven to ten days? Don’t make yourself promises that your timetable cannot keep, or you will lose the motivation to do the straightforward exercise sessions that you always found time for in the past…

Hopefully you will find some great ideas and motivation in the pages here, and if you have any tips that you think we should write about, either comment or email us directly.